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Buy Online: It’s Better for Your Health

In the beginning of the pandemic, we knew very little about how the novel coronavirus worked. Whether you took extra precautions by sanitizing your groceries or had your groceries delivered to your door, it’s clear that we were all concerned about the same our food safe and hygienic?

We know much more about how to be safe now that we’re about a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve switched from stockpiling toilet paper and sanitizer to wearing masks and social distancing. Some people have even stayed in quarantine since March. We may not all agree about how to handle the pandemic, but most of us will agree that food safety has skyrocketed to the top of our list of concerns.

At WellSpices, we want to shed some light on the subject and help everyone stay healthy! The health and safety of all our customers is a top priority which is why we have created such a unique and thoughtful product.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when trying to understand food safety is the food production chain. This includes the production, processing, distribution, and preparation of food. What you buy in a grocery store or restaurant can pass through many different “hands” before making it to your plate, and some contaminants may not even be caused by a person, but by nature itself. Let’s break down each step along the chain.


The production stage is the time where your food or it’s individual ingredients are grown or raised. In the case of spices, this step has to do with where the plants are grown before harvesting. Food could become unsafe during this stage if contaminated water is used to spray the crops in a field, for example.


During the processing stage, food is converted from its natural form into its recognizable purchased form. For spices, this could include cleaning, sorting, roasting, chopping, or grinding the natural produce. At this point in the production chain, contaminated water used to clean the crops or contaminated surfaces and equipment could cause a problem in the final product.


This is the step in which food is transported from the farm or processing plant to the consumer via grocery stores, markets, restaurants, etc. Throughout the distribution stage, any trucks or equipment used to move the products can cause food to become contaminated if they are not cleaned properly in between shipments. If food is left too long on a truck, or the temperature and moisture levels are not ideal, food can also become unsafe.


Now the food is prepared for consumption in a kitchen in a home, restaurant, cafeteria, or other institution. This is when it becomes especially critical for people to continually follow hand washing protocols, food storage guidelines, and proper heating and cooling instructions.



WellSpices minimizes the risk to consumers by tackling food safety at multiple stages throughout the food production chain. We ensure that our spices are sourced from responsible farms and processing plants. We chose to individually package each spice serving so that even if our spices are served in a group setting, there will be minimized risk of cross contamination. While the CDC does not state there is a significant risk of contracting COVID-19 from surface contact, one can never be too careful about their health.

Another great benefit of purchasing our spice packets is getting them delivered right to your door. By minimizing the need to leave your house, we are making the distribution process a bit safer for everyone during the pandemic. Why risk exposure to COVID-19 at the grocery store or farmers market when you can order our spice packets from the comfort of your couch?

The CDC cautions that people should “limit visiting the grocery store, or other stores selling household essentials” in order to stay safe. Instead, they suggest ordering groceries and other household items online for delivery or curbside pickup whenever possible. A study done on grocery store employees in Massachusetts showed that the workers were not only at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, but that 3 out of 4 of workers that tested positive were also asymptomatic. This means that they are more likely to contract COVID without realizing they are even sick.

With all of that in mind, it’s up to the individual to decide what they are comfortable with during these unprecedented times. For those who aren’t ready to brave the lines yet - or for those who just love high quality spices - we’re here to spice up your morning coffee or home cooked meals!

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