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Do Fresh And Ground Ginger Provide The Same Benefits?

Here at WellSpices, we believe in having fresh, organic spices wherever you go. Because of it’s delicious flavor and potential wellness properties, we added ginger to our initial lineup of spice packets.

Ground and fresh ginger are both popular ways to add this flavorful root to your day. Have you ever thought about whether or not they provide all of the same potential health benefits though? While we are partial to using ground ginger since it’s easier to transport in our single-serving packets, we decided to do some research to understand the fresh versus ground debate.

The Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger root has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. In Ayurveda practices, it is seen as a universal medicine, because it is used for just about everything. The Chinese associate it with a healthy stomach, lungs, and spleen. In many cultures, it is mixed with other elements to balance it out, or consumed in either tea or their cuisine.

We’ve all heard the typical advice for an upset stomach - drink ginger ale - but does it really help?

Ginger boasts many health benefits. Studies suggest it plays a role in weight loss, can ease nausea, treat indigestion, reduce inflammation, and may even help lower cholesterol. While ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat these ailments, researchers have only recently started to study it’s potential effects on the body.

The Science Behind The Health Claims

Most studies looking into ginger’s effectiveness as a treatment focus on the elements contained in the root. These compounds are called gingerol and shogaol.

This study, conducted in 2012, reviewed research articles pertaining to ginger and it’s effects from 2000-2012. The researchers suggested that more studies were needed in the future, but results are favorable that gingerol and shogaol play a role in preventing some types of cancer and reducing excess free radicals in the body.

The articles also showed that it’s compounds help fight inflammation and are good for heart health!

It’s important to note that most of these studies are not stating a conclusive fact, just potential benefits of a tasty and healthy spice. Another key takeaway is that neither fresh or ground ginger appear to be better than the other. Because the studies typically focused on gingerol and shogaol, it appears that there may be slightly different benefits attributed to each compound.

Gingerol is more potent in fresh ginger, while shogaol is more potent in dried ginger. Shogaol has shown more promising results as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. If these benefits are important to you, perhaps adding a little ground ginger to your diet is a good idea.

Adding Ginger To Your Diet

If you want to add a little ginger to your day, there are many simple ways to incorporate it. One of our favorite things to do here at WellSpices is add a packet of ginger to our morning smoothie, but you can also make delicious recipes with ginger for lunch and dinner.

Ginger has a warm, zesty, slightly sweet flavor so it pairs well with many dishes. Many types of Asian and Caribbean cuisines rely on ginger for flavor, so it lends itself well to dishes inspired by these cultures. It’s also a great addition to most baked goods!

Order your ginger packets today and let us know what delicious dishes you create.

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