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One Year Living The Spice Life

Wellness has always been at the core of what WellSpices does. Making sure we can all enjoy the life and flavor-enhancing benefits of fresh ground, organic spices wherever life takes us, is our top priority. We sincerely thank you all for supporting our family and allowing us to support yours in our first year of business. We’re grateful that you found us and we found you!

We believe as a brand that what we put into our bodies is a crucial part of living well. If you consume high quality food, it is a step towards living a high quality life. Learning and growing is also a huge aspect of living well because these things propel us forward. Over the course of the last year, we believe we have, as a family, grown and learned quite a bit from this endeavor.

Some lessons learned from all of you and each other:

  • We all love to cook and were eager to experiment with new recipes using our first three spices (Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric and Ginger).
  • We discovered that we had a knack for food photography.
  • We learned a lot about marketing – but we aren’t done yet with this one yet! We discovered that one possible reason why most of our customers are men is that while our color palette reminded all of us of nature, marketing professionals tell us that our color choices skew male!  We’re experimenting now with language and images that help balance that.
  • We learned that our family lives its values of openness, collaboration and accountability to each other.  We can have tough conversations about ‘easy’ things like pricing and holiday packaging as well as ‘hard’ things like being a women-led business even as the men and women in our family do this work and can come together quickly to make grounded decisions as we did when we started to engage with wholesalers responding to COVID needs for safer single serve packaging.

We grew together by working together – in mind and in body!

  • This year, we enhanced our prospects for longevity and sustained good health by tackling new language learning – a super power for quality of life – as we learned the vocabulary and the syntax of the marketing language needed to both speak to you and listen to you.
  • With COVID and the switch to working from home, an opportunity was created for us all to come back ‘home’ to hidden city gem, Wilmington, DE. We put serious attention to creating and maintaining a bubble of safe contact and proper social distancing to make our weekly family founder meetings so much better than by Zoom.
  • If you look closely at our latest family photo, in our WellSpices swag, you’ll see that we grew in number, too! 
  • We’ll also be growing WellSpices in 2021 as we plan to launch the next three (3) spices in our collection before summer. Stay updated on all things spices by following us on IG and be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Everyone signed up for our newsletter will have a say in which three spices are released next!

P.S. - The first five people who email us at and share a time they used our spices will get a WellSpices T-shirt!


In the meantime…

Go. Eat. Be. Well.



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