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Single Serving, Fresh Ground Spices, How It All Started........

It happened in a restaurant.  My mom and I watched someone take out a bottle of eye-catching yellow-orange turmeric and sprinkle it on their salad.  Then they sprinkled it on their main dish.  Why, we wondered, can you find packets of artificial sweeteners of all variety on every restaurant table and counter, but not something that is not made of sugar like turmeric?  or ceylon cinnamon?  or ginger?  
By the time we got home from dinner, we convinced ourselves that the world needed  single-serving, elegant packages of healthy spices everywhere they went.  We knew we'd use it as it had been well over twenty years since my parents had made note of and started to use the 'right' kind of cinnamon (ceylon cinnamon specifically, the 'real' cinnamon) at almost every meal we shared as a family.  
As I write this just before we launch our brand to the market, it has been 15 months since that dinner and we have listened to each other, to our potential customers, to our partners and to other founders and we are ready to Go. Eat. Be. Well with our fresh ground, organic, single serving spice packages.  

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