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  • The Origins, Influence, and Health Benefits of Indian Cuisine

    Not only has the world influenced the flavors of India, but India has also influenced the flavors around the world. Hints of Indian cuisine can be seen throughout Europe, the United States, and some African countries due to increased travel. South Africa, for example, has adopted many of the flavors and dishes of India in their everyday food. Curry, bunny chow, samosas, and chutney are all staples in South African cuisine because of India’s influence.
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    In the beginning of the pandemic, we knew very little about how the novel coronavirus worked. Whether you took extra precautions by sanitizing your...
  • Why *Ceylon* Cinnamon?

    WellSpices launched with three flavorful spices in convenient single-serving packages: Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger and Turmeric. We’ve sourced and are ...
  • Are you or your employees returning to work?

    Due to coronavirus concerns, the CDC recommends replacing communal items with pre-packaged, single-serve items instead. Keep your office kitchen sa...