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Welcome To Wellspices! Meet Our Family

We are a family owned business that believes in bringing the flavors of the world with you wherever you go. Our convenient, single serving spices are the fresh and organic solution!
Our family has been using spices in our food and beverages for years in lieu of sugar. It’s a healthy alternative and enhances flavor!
Heading out for some back country camping? Grab some ceylon cinnamon to spice up the morning campfire coffee. Grabbing an Airbnb for a weekend trip? Throw some single serving turmeric in that bag to make sure you have the freshest spice in convenient sizes, no matter what kitchen you’re in! Making your favorite smoothie and want to add just the right amount ginger? Order your box today to get that smoothie spiced up!
We’re so passionate about our spices and sharing them with you, that we’re introducing 7 more flavors. Stay tuned for what’s next!
Follow us on Instagram, @wellspices, to learn more about us with our #SpiceBio posts that will tell you more about each of us and why #ImBeingSpicy !

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